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Matsushita to sell short and long HDMI cables

Matt Burns

It isn't everyday that you see large display makers getting into the cable industry, but when that manufacturer has a system based off of HDMI cables, why not jump into the lucrative cable industry. Matsushita has their VIERA link built-into many of their new Panasonic plasma and set-top devices and it is suppose to allow for easier hook-up and control thanks to HDMI's ability to transmit the audio/video over a single cable but also adds an on-screen control option to eliminate the too-many-remotes syndrome. So if Matsushita is providing two parts of the equation, why not also give the consumer the choice to buy the connecting cable from them too? These cables will come in 1.6 feet and 8 meter sections that are perfect for running everything to a VIERA link capable audio/video receiver and then one cable right to the HDTV. The long 8 meter version adds an anti-jitter circuit at the plug which helps with long distant runs. We can see brand-fanatic people snatching these cables up when they hit the streets come September 15 so they can have a complete Panasonic package all the way from Blu-ray player, through the cables, and then finally to the display. 100% Panasonic.

[via Impress]

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