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Secure-It's Pod Safe keeps your iPod locked down

Darren Murph

We don't know whether we should laugh or cry (or both) at the apparently booming market for keeping iPod-swipers at bay. Sure, some last-resort options for protecting your iPod while strolling are a bit comical, but the folks at Secure-It obviously think that guarding your iPod is a rather serious affair. Not to be confused with the oh-so-closely named PodSafe or the numerous alternative lock-down solutions out there, the Pod Safe attempts to be a "stylish" portable locking security case for your nano, video, or fourth-generation iPod. Composed from "high impact PolyCarbon strengthened ABS material" (i.e. can be easy demolished with a hammer -- along with the iPod it contains), the Safe sports a four-digit user-changeable passcode to keep thieves guessing. A steel cable loop is there to latch your precious media player to your desk, briefcase, bicycle, or possibly your wrist, should you so desire. This lock doesn't hinder any playback functionality of the iPod, so even stolen units would operate, but the fun wouldn't last long for thieves considering the sole charging port is under lock and keycode. We see this unit more as a theft deterrent system than an all-out personal security guard for your 'Pod, but if your neck of the woods is seeming a little sketch, you can apprehend a Pod Safe for $39.95.

[Via Popgadget]

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