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Google: not gonna do music

Ryan Block, @ryan

Maybe it's because taking on iTunes is foolhardy -- unless you're those guys -- or because partnering with Apple is nigh impossible, or maybe it's just because their current video store was something of a flop. But for whatever the reason, it looks like Google's staying out of the online music sales game after all -- or at least so they claim. At this year's NARM (National Association of Recording Merchandisers) conference, Google came in and stole the show... by announcing that gTunes wasn't on the menu now, or any time soon according to Chris Sacca, head of business development for G. Instead, Sacca yammered on and on about the need for music stores to come together, form unified standards, improve usability -- you know, really take on the issues surrounding the utter domination of Apple's online music sales. We understand, however, most of the presentation was overtaken by the sweet sighs of relief by the attendees no longer worried about the search cutting into their fatted-cow 1.3% market share (with a 0.5% margin).

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