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TUAW Chatcast Coverage of the WWDC keynote

Scott McNulty

Due to popular demand (seriously, check it out) we will be doing a chat cast as well as normal coverage of the Keynote.

Check back to this post for the Chatcast, as soon as we start it.

And so it begins, click on through for the details.

Another Chatcast is over, and fun was had by all.

Scott: OK I declare this chatcast started!
Fbz: hi jan
Jan: hi dante
Dan Lurie: jan: you're also in denver, right?
Dan Lurie: <--dan
Jan: nope - in albany today
Dan Lurie: ah, i mean in general
Jan: in boulder in general
Dan Lurie: sweet
Jan: are you in denver
Dan Lurie: I'll ping you later about BarCampDenver
Dave Chartier: This is working well in Adium, btw
Dan Lurie: yeah
Jan: yes, yes re bar camp
12:55 PM
Dan Lurie: its gonna be awesome
Dan Lurie: newsgator is sponsoring
Fbz: i can't get the tuaw page to load
Fbz: or engadget
Dan Lurie: haha
Dan Lurie: well, thats it folks!
Dan Lurie: rest of the day off!
Dave Chartier: so who's actually updating the chatcast post
Victor: sorry, I was holding the power switch down on the server...
Dave Chartier: TUAW loaded fine for me
Fbz: hm strange
Dave Chartier: Vic - now cmon here
Dave Chartier: what did we tell you about power buttons?
Fbz: ah back for me now
Jan: so is this the chat that will be published on tuaw, or is there another chatcast post?
Scott: I thought our servers ran on sunshine and happiness
Dan Lurie: yeah
Dan Lurie: not enough of that in the world today
Dave Chartier: Sun has a patent on that system (ba-dum-ching)
Fbz: jan yes this is being posted
Scott: this is the chatcast that we will be on tuaw
Dan Lurie: this is so exciting! Its just like at macworld!
Scott: and Dan is posting the 'real' news
Jan: what about a voice chat? will there be one?
Dan Lurie: real?
Dan Lurie: you mean matrix news
Dan Lurie: nothing is real
Scott: this should be interesting then
Scott: any last minute predictions?
Dan Lurie: I want an iphone bad
Dan Lurie: but I don't see it happening today
Jan: Red Hot Chili Peppers are playing at wwdc now.
Dan Lurie: for the record: mac pros and leopard ship timeframe
Dan Lurie: yeah
Fbz: i want an open firmware iphone, but that will never happen
Jan: engadget has some stills up - engadget offering multiple pictures:
Dan Lurie: my guy says they started plaing cheryl crow, but it cut off a few seconds in
Dave Chartier: APE baby, big money
Jan: macrumors: The Apple onine store is still down.
Dave Chartier: probably will be through the end of the note
Scott: I am sure it will be
Scott: and then it will be filled with new iPods and an iPhone
Scott: and candy!
Dave Chartier: I love how people are trying to use iSights in MBs to A/V chat, when the announcer said 'shut off your cell phones'
Fbz: ooooh candy. mac-like white and black shiny candy
Dave Chartier: mmm, Apple candy
Jan: jobs is on stage.
Dave Chartier: wait, shouldn't they be selling nutritious fruit instead of teeth-rotting candy?
Jan: is engadget doing live coverage? url?
Dave Chartier:
Scott: We are also doing live coverage
Dave Chartier: ok MacNN isn't refreshing
Scott: as well as this swanky chatcast
Dave Chartier: we need a sexy AJAX update system like MacRumors has. Victor, you on it?
Victor: yeah, yesterday
Dave Chartier: heh
Dave Chartier: so who's updating the chatcast? Scott?
Scott: I am indeed
Dan Lurie: i gotta go guys
Dan Lurie: too much stuff going on at once
Dan Lurie: gonna focus on transcribing from my guy
Scott: Ok Dan!
Dan Lurie has left this chat.
Dave Chartier: dedicated, sweet
1:05 PM
Scott: I hope my credit card doesn't regret this keynote
Dave Chartier: lol
Dave Chartier: Apple's in cahoots with Visa/Mastercard to help increase consumer debt
Fbz: see you dan
Victor: scott you have a shiny new macbook, right?
Scott: I do have a new Macbook
Victor: I love my wife's, almost more than the pro, honestly
Dave Chartier: That's been bugging me lately too - if it weren't for motion graphics work I do, I would actually prefer to get rid of this pro for a MB
Jan: Steve says 3/4 of macs shipped lately were intel-based
Scott: I've been a Powerbook user for a long time, but the MacBook is more than powerful enough for me while the iBook never was
Victor: better quality too
Victor: than ibook
Scott: yikes, that means low PowerMac sales
Dave Chartier: Jan that actually surprises me - since the greater majority of Macs are Intel, that means a lot of people were stil buying G5s
Jan: you've gotta if you
Jan: are doing serious graphics work
Jan: designers need adobe
Scott: oh, the Mac Pro!
Dave Chartier: those things are going to haul
Dave Chartier: hey look! Apple finally hit the 3 Ghz promise - no thanks to IBM
1:10 PM
Jan: PowerMacs will now fade to history.
Scott: 128 bit vector engine for resolution independence perhaps?
Dave Chartier: interesting - unless they update the rest of the line with these Core 2 duo chips, the Mac Pros are the only 64 bit Macs
Scott: that makes sense
Scott: I bet the MBP will be too
Scott: in awhile
Dave Chartier: only users who can truly push 64bit I guess
Scott: 32 bit for the consumers 64 for the pro
Scott: that's my guess
Fbz: mmmm macpro
Fbz: do we know what it will look like? still brushed metal or is it going to be glossy?
Dave Chartier: I love how these guys have such an oddly under-dramatic flair for everything - "it's a great chip"
Dave Chartier: same old case
Scott: old case, Engadget has a pic
Jan: three times faster than G5
Fbz: same case, meh
Dave Chartier: just like the MacBook Pros - it's a stellar enclosure; don't fix if it aint broke I guess
Dave Chartier: yay two optical drives finally
Fbz: well my macbook pro is too hot, but the g5 tower was a nice enclosure i'll give them that
Dave Chartier: just make sure you exchange that battery if you hve to fabz! You don't wanna end up on TUAW with another asploded Apple notebook
Fbz: david: i checked the battery exchange program and i my numbers don't match
Dave Chartier: the web will start gambling on who's will blow up next: Dell or Apple
Jan: more stats: up to 2 TB internal storage, room for 4 hard drives
1:15 PM
Scott: that's a lot of porn
Jan: 4 PCI express slots
Jan: graphics slot at bottom, double wide for larger graphics cards
Scott: I mean, lots of data can be stored in that
Fbz: it's tech pr0n
Dave Chartier: Now Scott, don't go being a bad example for the readers
Scott: sorry
Scott: I'm a bad blogger
Jan: Mac Pro also has FireWire 800 and another USB on the front.
Dave Chartier: omg: 256 MB RAM? Come ON Apple!!
Dave Chartier: 64bit, 2 TB, and then you toss it in the kiddie pool with 256?!
Scott: though it does ship today
Scott: who needs RAM
Jan: 256 is an insult. just want us to pay more than the standard config price.
Dave Chartier: bah, I fergot: when you're crunching 64bit between two cores, that data doesn't even need to hit RAM
Fbz: ram is necessary for audio or video editing
Scott: Who here buys RAM from Apple?
Jan: here's something good - 16xc superdrive
Fbz: even with a zippy proc
Dave Chartier: *crickets*
Jan: standard config is $2499.
Dave Chartier: no BluRay?
Jan: ouch
Scott: the first thing I do is toss the included RAM and get more
Dave Chartier: yeouch - no $2K model?
Scott: ohh xserve
Dave Chartier: separating the men/women from the boys/girls I guess
Dave Chartier: Ooh, last minute prediction: Adobe steps up today
Jan: mac pro starts shipping today.
Dave Chartier: *surprise!* We aren't the last ones to transition after all!
Dave Chartier: Interesting - Mac Pros are Core 2 duo but the Xserves are Xeons. I need to learn more about those chips
Scott: i want one
Dave Chartier: an Xserve? So now you're gonna store and serve all that pr0n?
Jan: are you sure? phil said the mac pro will be based on intel's xeon chips (woodcrest) but based on core2 microarchitecture.
Scott: I don't know what that means ;)
Jan: the slide behind him says 2 x 2.66 GHz Dual-core Xeon for the mac pro.
Scott: Onto OS X!
Dave Chartier: Strange Jan - I thought they were separate chips. Anyone got an 'Intel for Dummies' PDF?
Dave Chartier: y'know, maybe there's a bright side to the low RAM thing - I wonder if Apple does that to keep their own costs down as the know a lot of people buy 3rd party RAM
Scott: I still think it is an insult to people buying a Mac
Dave Chartier: kind of a "consumers might want it already tossed into their iMacs, but pros might go elsewhere" thing?
Victor: no, I'll have to pull a dvorak and say 256 is stupid
Scott: Come on, Apple, give use some RAM!
Victor: cheap and stupid, like the old ibook keyboards
Dave Chartier: Victor pulled a Dvorak! TUAW readers, Victor's phone number is....
1:25 PM
Scott: Victor gets no spam
Dave Chartier: HAH - now we need hats and a 'Cranky Victor' video blog
C.K.: w00t
Fbz: yay c.k.!
Jan: I love this. Bertrand (onstage) says: "Redmond, start your photocopiers."
Dave Chartier: C.K. in the hizzy
Scott: Great C.K.'s ghost!
Scott: they are mocking MS
Scott: You wouldn't like Bill Gates when he is angry
Fbz: is that difficult to do?
Scott: not with the Vista delays
Jan: He's showing a photo of an Elvis impersonator. Saying: If you can't innovate, impersonate.
1:30 PM
Scott: I feel back for them, actually
Scott: bad
Scott: not back
Jan: They're giving a preview of Leopard today.
Victor: you mean Vista 2.0
Fbz: vista actually has revolutionized security in the windows world
Scott: hey I'm looking forward to Vista
Fbz: as disgusting as that sounds, it's true i know and trust people working on the re-architecture of vista
Dave Chartier: detail cleanup: standard Mac Pro config does ship with 1 GB RAM
Scott: I just don't want to wait soooo long
Jan: Scott Foresall will demo 10 features of leopard today.
C.K.: what have I missed?
Jan: There are some top secret features they're not going to reveal today.
Jan: of leopard, that is.
Victor: good, I hope security will be less of an issue, and we can focus on experience, etc. that makes os x better
Dave Chartier: C.K.: Mac Pro, pretty much. Dual Core Xeons
Jan: Point 1 re leopard: support for 64 bit apps
Fbz: i'm not saying i would run vista, i much prefer a unix-based architecture on which i can compile open source apps
Jan: support used to be in a unix layer, but not its done with no emulation, no translation.
Fbz: thus, os x.
Scott: Leopard has a Time Machine!
Scott: I don't what it does, but that sounds cool
Dave Chartier: sounds like that Windows System Restore concept
Scott: it does
Dave Chartier: *don't shoot me readers*
Scott: Does Cupertino have photocopiers too?
Victor: lol
Jan: tee hee
C.K.: *readers shoot David*
Dave Chartier: they have iSights
Scott: I hope it works better than the Windows version though
Dave Chartier: 8 ball says: HIGHLY LIKELY
1:35 PM
Scott: and I hope you don't need .Mac for it to work
Dan Lurie has joined this chat.
Jan: so the Time Machine automatically backs up your whole mac and can restore from scratch.
Scott: that is very cool
Jan: even works is hard disk crashes.
Scott: if it works as advertised
Scott: since FileVault seemed very cool as well...
C.K.: sooooo it's the same as SuperDuper!
Dave Chartier: *zing!*
Dave Chartier: well it sounds like this is live
Dave Chartier: a daemon in the bkg
Jan: you can restore everything or just one file at a time.
Scott: There are daemons in my MAC?!
Victor: $666.66
Dave Chartier: haha. Yea Scott, take it down to CompUSA for a exorcism
Scott: ahh Victor, a little Apple history humor
Scott: I love it!
Scott: seems like Time Machine has a cool GUI
Jan: looks like you get to choose the date and time to which you want to roll back.
Dave Chartier: here's hoping, especially since it's for the masses
Scott: it sounds a bit like Shadow Copy on Windows 2003
Scott: which explains the 2 TB of disk space
Victor: i hope this is something one can turn off, like FileVault...
Jan: i love this. if you mess up a document you'll be able to go back to choose and get previous versions.
Dave Chartier: No Victor. All your backups are belong to Time Machine
Scott: Engadget has a pic of the icon
Scott: pretty sweet looking
Scott: I'm a sucker for a good icon
Dave Chartier: man that's gorgeous
Dave Chartier: although... I really wish the icon was rotating in the other direction. Rats, I don't know if I can use it now
C.K.: I wish they'd come out with a video nano
Fbz: maybe a video nano/iphone
Victor: w0rd
Fbz: iwant it
Scott: I don't think we'll see any iPod stuff today
Scott: but you never know
Dave Chartier: Wait: they didn't even touch ipod stuff yet did they?
Scott: nope
Jan: not yet. hang on.
Dave Chartier: usually that's front and center, first thing they gab about
Scott: well this conference is all about the OS
Scott: Mac, Mac, Mac!
Fbz: oh i hope there is a final ka-blam to this keynote
Dave Chartier: "one more thing!"
Jan: boot camp will be included in leopard
C.K.: mac tablet?
Fbz: so Time Machine is included in Leopard?
C.K.: I want a mac tablet
Scott: yep
C.K.: a small one
Dave Chartier: yea, it's one of the big Leopard features
Scott: to Time Machine
Fbz: c.k. don't even make me have a heart attack like that
Scott: no to tablet
Dave Chartier: Mac tablet wrist watch!
Jan: front row and photo booth built into leopard too.
C.K.: like half mac tablet and half subcompact notebook
Dave Chartier: "everything you expect from a Mac, from a watch"
Fbz: i'd buy three of those c.k.
C.K.: how do you filter people out of chat again?
Scott: Is C.K. saying anything? I'm filtering him
Dave Chartier: C.-who now?
Dave Chartier: Virtual desktops!!
Jan: next feature: virtual desktops - diff spaces for different clusters of apps
Dave Chartier: iClusters
Scott: next gen PhotoBooth and Front Row
Scott: I hope PhotoBooth becomes scriptable
Victor: can we just get Widget sets for Dashboard??? good grief...
Fbz: oh it's ABOUT TIME for virtual desktops. awesomeness.
Fbz: that's sweet sweet news. i use virtual desktops on all my unix machines and up until now third party software on the mac for it
Scott: I never got virtual desktops, but I'm a heathen
Victor: that is cool tho...
Jan: steve is showing that you can drag from one virtual desktop to another.
Victor: Scott, you have to be a "power user" to need them
C.K.: oh SNAP
Jan: so you can make a brochure with print apps in one space, and drag the photos over to another space to make your web site. cool.
Victor: sounds like opendoc...
Jan: next leopard feature: spotlight searches other machines on the same network.
Dave Chartier: Can't wait to hear when this will ship? In time for the holidays? Or *gasp* - a delay!
Scott: I'm a text slinger, me need no power!
Victor: spotlight over network = happy
Victor: unless Finder dies
Dave Chartier: here's hoping they've improved its performance from the 'crawl' rating
1:50 PM
Scott: great, now Spotlight will endlessly churn indexing my networked drives
Dave Chartier: but hey - at least you can find something on them a few minutes after starting the saerch
Scott: that is the up side
Scott: and with all those backup files there will be lots to look through
Jan: spotlight includes an application launcher. you type in a couple of letters and app launches.
Jan: feature 6 - core animation
Jan: time machine is built on core animation
Victor: hopefully core *data* as well...
Dave Chartier: here's hoping it doesn't start up all apps beginnning with an 'i', that could be a problem
Jan: whoa - you can break a scene into layers.
Jan: or create keyframes and core animation makes the rest of the animation for you.
Jan: move over adobe!
Scott: that is very cool
Dave Chartier: from that Spaces screenshot, it looks like the features is Exposé for desktops
Jan: they're demoing using core animation to make a screensave.
Scott: I do use Expose
C.K.: scott: hopefully the backups will include indexing and speed things up by only indexing things from the last backup
Dave Chartier: Rails support? In the OS?
Scott: I should hope so C.K.
Jan: feature 7 - enhancements to Universal Access.
Jan: braille support, quicktime subtitles, and voiceover
Jan: very pc
Scott: I can't wait for the webcast of this
Jan: apparently the voiceover sounds like a real voice, not that cranky computer voice.
Scott: I shall miss the cranky Victoria
Dave Chartier: uh oh, Enadget's crawling on me
Jan: they say the big feature is next up. whadda you think it is?
Jan: something about Mail.
Dave Chartier: Mail + iCal
Scott: Mail being less sucky
Jan: weoll there's stationery
Jan: industry standard html email
Jan: that looks the same to anyone on the receiving end
2:00 PM
Scott: I hate HTML email
Jan: stationery sounds like some kind of theme system.
Fbz: the link to this chatcast has hit the front page of netscape
Jan: wo0t
Dave Chartier: yay Notes
Dave Chartier: awesome Fabz!
Scott: Steve said boom!
Jan: there's a special mailbox for sending notes to yourself.
Fbz: hah that's called me sending email to myself and filtering it.
Fbz: i think i've been doing that since the advent of email
Fbz: *laugh*
Jan: yeah, but now you don't have to send the note to yourself via email.
Dave Chartier: "And anything we can do to make Mail better and more productive is really exciting". You're darn right it is Steve
Scott: I wonder if the note transmission is more secure than email
Jan: mail can take an incoming message and make it into a to-do item
Scott: so you can note sensitive info
Victor: i wonder is Mail will be worth a damn for work now...
Fbz: yeah i still use thunderbird on my os x systems
Jan: other apps, including ical, tie into the to-do list
C.K.: will continue to suck, I predict
Scott: but in new interesting ways
C.K.: indeed, Scott, indeed
Dave Chartier: yea, gives us something to blog
Dave Chartier: "Nothing new with Mail today; seems to be working fine for everyone" isn't exciting!
Dave Chartier: Anyone wanna place bets on how much 3rd parties will charge for stationary plugins?
Jan: i like this system wide to do list.
Scott: I'm still converting all my incoming email to plain text
Jan: especially because ical is tied into it.
Dave Chartier: I'm glad to see Apple at least marketed this on stage as 'a big one'. In a way, it sounds like they're at least listening
2:05 PM
Scott: no widescreen yet
Scott: for mail that is
Jan: this may be the end of growl.
Fbz: ooh i just got served watermelon
C.K.: this just in: The Mac Sponge: an even quicker picker upper
Fbz: *giggle* i want an iphone!
Jan: feature 9 of leopard - dashcode officially released.
Jan: includes templates for creating widgets.
Dave Chartier: yay, a style guide
Jan: dashcode also has a parts library, with items like a search field to drop into the widget you're developing.
Jan: also has a debugger.
2:10 PM
Jan: and for users, there's a way to make any web page into a widget. huh?
Victor: that's awesome!
Victor: a netscape instawidget!
Dave Chartier: Do they mean it's a dynamic, live widget? Like it will keep updating me with the latest Dilbert?
Jan: example - making dilbert comic strip into a widget using the Webclip button in safari. cool.
Dave Chartier: or just put 'that thing' in a widget that hangs around, like a stickynote-widget?
Jan: dunno
Fbz: *sigh* i guess they're not going to announce any small hardware for me to hack. what a bummer.
C.K.: when are they going to get off all of this software which is going to be much more buggy than any of us would like and get to a few meaty one more things...
C.K.: like an Apple tablet
C.K.: ?
Fbz: yeah i want ONE more thing.
Dave Chartier: invited
Jan: feature 10 - enhancements to ichat
C.K.: smell-o-chat
2:15 PM
Jan: back to the widgets - they are live / dynamic.
Scott: tabs in iChat!
Scott: I'm about to faint
Jan: so you could webclip a NYT bestsellers list that updates automatically.
Dave Chartier: This just in: Dan's the guy who's been spilling Apple's trade secrets
C.K.: already got it thanks to Chax
Dave Chartier: iChat theater?
Jan: iphoto slideshow you can talk over
Fbz: finally tabs. although i hate tabs, it is necessary.
Fbz: i guess still no text based tab-like terminal-based ichat
Jan: video recording in ichat
Fbz: oh nice video recording! w00t!
C.K.: cool
Dave Chartier: wait, you can record a video conference?
Victor: yeah, these are great, but like Dashboard on my G4 iBook, will probably be axed the moment I see them grind my 1st gen MBP to a halt...
C.K.: hello video TUAW podcasts w00t
C.K.: G4
C.K.: doooood
C.K.: where's your MacBook, yo?
Jan: bye bye Conference Recorder
Fbz: hey i have a g4 tower i upgraded, it rocks
Fbz: don't diss old hardware.
Victor: I'm waiting for Leopard to turn it into the same hunk of crud Tiger turned my G4 into...
C.K.: yeah, it rocks from side to side from warping from heat
Fbz: heh no actually i has a 2ghz proc in it
Fbz: with a new fan and heat sink and it's quieter and cooler than my other machines
2:20 PM
Victor: I saw a snail going 2ghz once...
Dan Lurie has joined this chat.
Scott: on the fly background changes without a green screen?
Scott: Awesome
Victor: oh yes they can
C.K.: yes, but OS X eventually phased off of older hardware
Dave Chartier: of course, just like there's a line of PC hardware that has a hard tiem running WinXP
Victor: and I'm plenty mad my Centris 610 won't run Tiger!
2:25 PM
Fbz: so what comes after the non-green screen effects in ichat?
Dave Chartier: Blamo: Lepoard pushed back to Spring
Fbz: david: really?
Jan: yup
Dave Chartier: MacRumors
Fbz: that's a long time from now
Dave Chartier: It also isn't the promised Fall 2006
Jan: they're giving developers a preview copy today.
Jan: whoa - that's all folks. it's over?
Dave Chartier: Apple pulled a Microsoft
Dan Lurie has left this chat.
Victor: they got a sweaty monkey up there?
Fbz: so sad if it's really over. *tear*
Jan: steve left the stage. looks like keynote is over.
Dave Chartier: the good thing, however, is that there's still some stuff they didn't even preview today
Victor: are they chanting 'encore?'
Dan Lurie has joined this chat.
Jan: so our credit cards are intact.
Dan Lurie: awww
Dan Lurie: thats dissapointing
Dan Lurie: no one more thing
Jan: unless any of us can fork over the big bucks for the mac pro.
Dave Chartier: Jan, what'r you talking about? Our credit cards are under attack from Mac Pros *shipping today!*
Dave Chartier: Run for the hills! Compounded interest is coming!
Dan Lurie: apple hasnt updated the site yet
Jan: not even a possibility for me. unless we all get a raise. how about it ck?
C.K.: no iPhone?
C.K.: lmao
Dan Lurie: yeah
Dan Lurie: I wanted an iphone
Fbz: *sigh* no hardware for me to hack
Dave Chartier: this is WWDC - not for consumers

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