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Wii will rob you in Latin America this December


That's right, confirmation has come our way that those of you in the southernmost Americas will be able to get your hands on the Wii this December for a whopping 1,400–1,500 Brazilian reais, which is between $640 and $690 US dollars. This news comes from a recent games convention held in São Paulo, Brazil where a representative of Lamatel (Nintendo's distributor for the region) spilled the beans about a release in the first week of December.

We here at Wii Fanboy do not condone theft as a means for...well, anything, but maybe you guys might want to start seeing about a job in the lucrative "hamburger entrepreneur" field? Clearly this cost comes from ridiculous mark ups by the distributing firm, but does it have to cost almost $700 dollars?! Jeez, what do you think the PS3 is going to cost there? Regardless, at least you guys know when you're getting yours, even if it is ridiculously priced.

[Via Joystiq]

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