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Breakfast Topic: Best Guild Name Ever

David Nelson

Guild names fall into several categories. You have your overly dramatic guild names (stuff like Unholy Union or Lethal Alliance), the one word guild names (Fate, Prophecy, Reborn, etc.) and finally funny guild names. While I don't think I'd want to be in a guild with a funny name, some of my biggest laughs at my computer have been courtesy of some original names. It's been a while since we have looked at the truly exceptional guild names, and a lot of hilarious names have popped up since then.

Best Eric Cartman Wannabees: Taco Flavored Kisses and Faith Plus One

Offensive (yet still funny): Your Mom Is My Epic Mount and Dirty Horde

Totally Me In High School: Band Geek Mafia

Most Overdone: Pally Stole My Bike

Best Animal Reference: Squirrels Gone Wild

Best 80's Cartoon Reference: And The Holograms

Sadly, according to Warcraft Realms, most of these guilds no longer exist. I would guess some of them got their names changed within days of signing the charter, or maybe coming up with a clever guild name and running a good guild don't go hand in hand. Anyone else come across a particularly clever guild name lately?

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