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Good idea of the day: XBLA Fantasy Football

Ken Weeks

Richard form AeroPause has a pretty good idea for an Xbox Live Arcade title:

The basic concepts of Fantasy Sports are so simple that any developers could make this happen with minimum damage to their wallet. It doesn't even have to be flashy, as long as its feature packed and easy to navigate. Although it would be nice to see the Xbox Live Vision Camera be incorporated, in order to send some nice words of encouragement to your foes as you bury other teams week by week.

I know what some of you are saying, "But Richard I can play Fantasy Football for free online" Yeah, I know you can, but I have played in many Fantasy Leagues and when it comes to interaction they just don't deliver because being online they have to adjust to meet everyone's needs, this is not true with Xbox Live, where everything is standardized. Heck I would pay at least 1000 MS points to play in a solid Fantasy league.

I don't know about 1000 points, but fantasy football for XBLA definitely sounds like a no-brainer. It could even be free and ad-supported. If some cubicle monkey at EA is reading this, get to work.

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