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Kodak's new EasyShares, the V705, C743 and C433


That 8 Megapixel EasyShare C875 got away from them last week, but Kodak has managed to do some right proper releasing for the other three new members of their EasyShare lineup. Sexiest of the group is naturally the V705, a followup to their V570. The V705 shares its predecessor's 5x zoom and ultra-wide-angle lenses, and sports the same 2.5-inch LCD, but bumps the dual CCDs to 7 megapixels. There's also a bit of anti-blur tech, and 30 fps VGA video recording. Kodak doesn't really have a lot to say about their other two new cameras, the C743 and C433 (both pictured after the break), other than the fact that they've got 7.1 and 4 megapixels respectively, and 3x zoom lenses. They're also going to "provide remarkable features at reasonable prices," and should be available in September alongside the V705.

[Via Digital Camera Review]

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