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Newest JVC Victor 1080p 52-inch D-ILA -- HD-52MH700

Matt Burns

Check out this JVC's newest 1080p D-ILA based rear-projection HDTV. Before you get all excited, this unit is for their Victor line, which isn't available here in the States. It's still a great TV though and is powered their LCoS variant called D-ILA which can produce everyones favorite resolution of 1,920 x 1,080. The set is ran by JVC's GENESSA chip that claims to be great at scaling and noise reduction. Most people should be happy with the array of inputs on the guy that includes two HDMI ports, one component, three S-Video, four composites, one VGA, two i.LINK and even the rare center channel input. The set doesn't seem to shabby and our friends across the Pacific should really enjoy the set and the 500,000 Yen ($4,348 USD) price.

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