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Alcatel's "GlamPhone ELLE" slated for US release

Chris Ziegler

If showing your allegiance to ELLE Magazine ranks high on your list of priorities when cross-shopping phones, you may not be alone -- if Alcatel did any market research on this one, that is. We first told you about their "GlamPhone ELLE" last year, but at the time, we thought the uninspiring clamshell would only be finding its way to GSM 900 / 1800 networks; a new version sports 850 / 1900, though, and will be dropping stateside on September 1 in your choice of red or black for $180. Unfortunately, the phone's 3MB of internal memory, VGA shooter, and GPRS data leave a bad taste in our mouth that no mirrored display or free year of ELLE Magazine can overcome, but we're guessing they'll manage to push a few through in-mag advertising.

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