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Carmack: Nintendo isn't really our thing


If you don't know the name John Carmack, then it's likely you aren't one who's ever traversed the hellish landscape of both Mars and, well...Hell. You've never taken a chainsaw to an Imp's face and you've likely never obliterated a Cyberdemon with a Big F**king Gun. Well, John Carmack, who is the id Software co-owner/technical director and helped bring all these wonderful scenarios to PC gamers the world over, recently spoke at Quakecon, commenting on both Nintendo platforms.

In regards to the DS, John stated that he could possibly see the company bringing its cell phone games to the handheld, but didn't really express much interest to do so, which goes against earlier reports. Stating that even if this were to happen, which he obviously could care less if it does by the sound of things, Carmack stated that the games would be instead published through another third-party rather than Nintendo directly. Eh, who needs him, anyway?

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