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Runco introduces a 1080p projector -- seven more to come

Matt Burns

Runco has been at the pinnacle of video projectors game for years now and they are about to introduce eight new 1080p products. So far, all they have talked about is the RS-1100 that will retail for $19,999 and be fully 1080p. The unit will be ready to ship within a few weeks and has some nice additions that address the ever-so popular 2.35:1 aspect ratio. A person can spend six grand more and get the CineWide technology added onto their RS-1100. Then for another $3000 grand, Runco will add on the CineWide and AutoScope to give the viewer even more accurate reproduction. They aren't stopping there though, Runco has seven more 1080p products that start at around $12,000 and go to $100,000 that they will announce at CEDIA. You know what they say about Runco right? They turn a home theater into a home cinema.

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