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Sharp returns to carabiner form with MP-S700/S800 DAPs


Ah yes, the carabiner, most carabiner-ee of all audio player forms. These new ones from Sharp, a followup to their similar MP-S200/S300 DAPs of last year, don't really have a lot more going for them, but we'll give you the break down just for old time's sake. The capacities are the same measly 512MB (MP-S700) and 1GB (MP-S800) of last time, and the mini-display seems fairly identical. There's also the natural MP3/WMA support, along with WMA DRM9 for PlaysForSure enjoyment. The main switch-up is that the new players feature an FM transmitter instead of a tuner, which can come in handy for those road trips, but that 512MB playlist of showtunes is going to get repetitive real fast, believe you us.

[Via Impress]

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