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Sony's newest A/V receiver with 1080p HDMI input -- TA-DA3200ES

Matt Burns

It will be nice when every A/V receiver has an HDMI input so we don't feel the necessity to mention it but Sony's newest ES receiver has just that along with loads of power. The TA-DA3200ES employs HDMI 1.2 in both inputs to transport the 1080p video along with the linear PCM 7.1 audio of Blu-ray. We got to warn you that this guy has loads of power as it can pump 120W per all seven of its channels at 8Ω. Now if you think you need that much power it is a good thing that Sony has included an auto calibration mic to detect and setup your speakers to work best with your room via test tones for you. The receiver has the standard array of legacy inputs that you would find on most high-end receivers but here's hoping that not many people are using the four S-Video ports.

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