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Capcom already releasing free Dead Rising content

Joystiq Staff

We'd have to assume that maybe Capcom didn't get this stuff in the game on time, but nevertheless, we'll take it. Up now on Xbox Live Marketplace, Dead Rising players can download some new outfits for their boy Frank West.

Set up as "keys," these new clothing options will be available:

  • Miami Nights Key
  • Casual Key
  • Weekender Key
  • Round Shades Key
  • Burgundy Wine Key
  • Grandpa Key
  • Pink Parparazzi Key
  • Man in Black Key
Way to stay on the ball Capcom. Keep giving us free stuff, and we'll love you long time. By the way, the first Joystiq reader to snap some pics of the new outfits and provide photographic evidence of such will get an "update" mention and thus 15 minutes of e-fame. Now, go, get to it.

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