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DVD Copy Control Association to lighten DVD restrictions


It only took them, what, 10 years? The DVD Copy Control Association is finally setting about loosening some of the restrictions they've had on DVD copying -- at least to an extent. It doesn't sound like they have any plans to expand usage rights for consumers (perish the thought!), so we're guessing burning copies of a disc for backup purposes is still going to be less than legit. What they are planning to do is license their Content Scramble System (CSS) to Online distributors and makers of in-store kiosks, to allow for the burning of full-fledged DVDs from legal downloads. They're also in talks with media manufacturers to produce CSS-compatible blank DVDs for use with the services. We're guessing this new tact will bring some improved compatibility for services like CinemaNow, who already offers DVD burning with their download service, and hopes are high for a DVD burning feature from Apple for that eternally-rumored movie download store.

[Via DVD Newsroom, thanks Ann]

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