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Hitachi expands Wooo H9000 and H90 series of TVs


Hitachi filled out their Wooo TV clan today with the introduction of 37, 32, and 26-inch LCDs and 37-inch plasma. Squeezing its way into the Wooo9000 series is the 37-inch W37L (pictured) offered with and without a built-in hard drive recorder. This LCD panel features a rather lackluster 1366 x 768 resolution for such a large screen with a 100:1 contrast ratio and 178-degree viewing angle. The W37L-HR9000 includes the built-in HDD recorder with 250GB disk, an electronic program guide for easy recording off the integrated hi-vision digital and analog tuners, and the ability to write shows to disc over compatible Firewire connected DVD writers. At the budget end of the Wooo family tree come the H90-series W32L and W26L LCDs and W37P plasma all with integrated digital/analog tuners. Both LCDs offer that same 1366 x 768 resolution which is more appropriate for these panel sizes while the 37-inch W37P chokes up a miserable 1024x1080 resolution. All the new panels feature 2 x HDMI, Japanese D4, Ethernet, and the usual suite of in/outs you'll need. Expect to pay ¥350,000 (about $3,040) for the W37L-HR9000 with HDD recorder (or ¥300,000/$2,606 without) down to about ¥200,000 (about $1,737) for that 26-incher. All these new panels should be available by September in Japan.

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