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AT&T U-verse set top box "hacked"


Hoo boy, this one is a real riot. Seems when AT&T originally released their U-verse IPTV service, every set top box they gave to consumers (one per TV to be hooked up) was a DVR. Apparently they decided such functionality would confuse users when they switched to client-server Motorola boxes, so they quickly changed their tact and started offering only one DVR per customer. Of course, consumers still needed set top boxes for their other TVs, so AT&T did the only reasonable thing: unhooked the HDDs from DVR units and shipped the disabled boxes to consumers. Well, the game is up, because the folks over at UverseUsers just had a peek under the hood, and it turns out that AT&T is leaving the hard drive inside! They've got a quick rundown on how to hook the drive back up and return your box to its full DVR powers. Good times.

[Thanks Chad B.]

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