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Eidos and Ford making promotional racing game for PS2, Xbox

Blake Snow

Eidos Interactive and Ford have partnered up to develop a promotional video game dubbed Ford Bold Moves Street Racing. The game will be released this fall in North America based on the car manufacturer's recent "Bold Moves" advertising campaign. Features include 18 licensed Ford vehicles, "Maximum Team Control" that allows players to switch on-the-fly between a team of three vehicles, and what the press release calls a "progressive damage system" that amazingly reduces your car's ability to drive and aesthetic beauty with every collision (gasps in utter amazement).

This isn't the first use of blatant adver-promotional gaming. Ford has developed poopsky racing games in years past, and Volvo released a similar game free of charge last fall to prospective car buyers. Though the game is expected for retail, I'll overturn a table at Joystiq headquarters if I have to pay for what should be a free, crappy promotional dealership game.

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