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The be-all, end-all battery life shootout

Chris Ziegler

We all know that manufacturers' listed talk times have limited basis in reality, but since the margin of fantasy varies from make to make and from model to model, there's really no way of accurately judging relative performance as you're cross-shopping phones. Norwegian site Amobil has undertaken the admirable (but daunting) task of performing 45 talk time tests in real-world conditions, spending countless hours and kroner in the process. To keep the talk times honest, Amobil simply placed a call in the same spot of their office for every handset, letting music continually play on both ends to roughly simulate a conversation until the test phone died. Surprisingly, Sony Ericsson dominated the GSM tests, rocking three models that stayed in the game for 7 hours or longer; less surprisingly, UMTS performance was eclipsed by GSM across the board with the Nokia E60 besting the 3G pack at 5:47. Frankly, if this report doesn't get you fired up for alternative power sources, we don't know what will.

[Thanks, Are S.]

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