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HDTV service penetration on the rise

Matt Burns

High-def service is working its way into more and more households world-wide. In-Stat is predicting that the service penetration is going to rise from 15 million homes in mid-2006 to 20.3 million by the end of this year. This comes in the wake of the World Cup spurring more and more countries to launch their first high-def broadcasts. So far, us, HD fans here in the States and those over the Pacific in Japan make up the majority of that number at 91%. Other notable countries are our friends to the north in Canada, Australia, and South Korea. Even though we make up a good amount of the statistics, it could be higher as one-third of US households with HD sets are currently receiving any type of high-def signal. Hopefully that will change, as there are more and more stations available each week. We are will to bet that the low amount of high-def stations is the reason that many people do not pay for a few more stations.

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