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Justin Long on 'Get a Mac' ads, being harassed

David Chartier

In an interview more about his career (rather than Apple nerdery), Justin ("hi I'm a Mac") Long managed to wax ecstatic with Mary McNamara of the LA Times about 'the ads' and what they've done for (or rather: to) his career. He had stories to tell of being harassed on the street by people who might have taken the ads just a little too seriously, and he also admitted that, before the ads, he didn't even own a computer (just guess what he owns now). Also of note in the interview is a tidbit Martha wrote about a whopping 20 more ads in the "hottest campaign on TV" on their way (are these spots really resonating that well with their target demographic?). We've seen a few more ads trickle out since they were first introduced, and I would wager more will hit a Daily Show near you once the semester kicks back in.

There aren't many more Apple-related details in the interview other than what I've summarized, but check it out if you're interested in learning a little more about the actor who might (or might not) be helping the Apple cause with the powers of comedy.

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