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Samsung's SCH-B470: DMB with picture-in-picture

Chris Ziegler

Chillin' out, watching TV on your sub-three-inch phone display is all well and good, but it seems awfully inefficient, doesn't it? Here you could be snapping pics, choosing ringtones, adding contacts, or browsing the web if it weren't for that gosh durn DMB taking up the entirety of your screen. Samsung's looking to cater to those ADHD-inflicted DMB users out there, bringing their SCH-B470 to market with picture-in-picture capability. Technically, the term might be a bit misleading since we don't think you can watch two DMB channels simultaneously, but the functionality allows you to watch tee-vee on one side of the screen while going about your regular phone business on the other. The B470 rounds out the package with a 2-megapixel cam and the obligatory music player -- both of which you can utilize while enjoying that Korean sitcom.

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