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Buying a plasma means supporting nuclear energy

Matt Burns

And you call yourself an eco-friendly human being. You sport the Prius with pride, munch on twigs and berries, and even plant a tree each Arbor day, but you still have that plasma hanging above your minimalistic Ikea table; shame on you. Didn't you know that a plasma TV requires nearly four times the amount of energy a normal tube TV does? It is getting so bad in England, they might have to build two extra nuclear power plants just to power all these new flat panels that are being installed in homes and pubs across the country. Plus, when you add in all the extra equipment to complete the digital experience, (e.g. DVD players, DVRs, media centers, ect.) it just means that our little, green globe is going to burn up even quicker. So you know what this means right, it is a great excuse to pick up a nice Harmony remote that turns things off when they are not in use. How else where you planning on spending all that cash you are saving by driving a Prius?

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