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Dead Rising makes 360s dead? [update 1]


Reports are flying, just flying across the internet about Dead Rising wrecking 360s. The symptoms are what we've come to expect: freezing, audio dropping out, graphical glitches, etc. Is it just us, or does this sound all too familiar? We're not saying it's all coincidence, but it seems like every time a popular game comes out, 360s just start breaking all over the place -- Perfect Dark, Oblivion, Chromehounds, Dead Rising, all of them seem like Xbox poison. We're willing to bet that this is more indicative of an overall flaw in our favorite console (or at least a certain portion of them.).

Then again, Microsoft and various game makers haven't really made much comment either way so, who knows. Anybody experiencing Dead Rising problems (other than tiny text)?

Update 1: Wow. Judging from the incredible amount of comments, this topic deserves some more discussion. Check back this weekend for more.

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