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Fly Pitcher's Digital Stag wall clock

Darren Murph

While we've seen clocks that do a whole lot more than tell time, and some that just stick to what they do best, it's good to see a fresh approach to the age old cuckoo clock. Although the Digital Stag won't play your MP3s, allow for a quick Pong matchup, or even wake you up at a specified time, Fly Pitcher's design-centric wall clock seems to bring that crisp mountain air to any living area (and provides the perfect way to countdown to hunting season, if that's your thing). While the layout may look familiar, the typical hour, minute, and second hands have been nixed in favor of a digital readout, and there's no need for any swinging pendulum here. Out to "re-invent" a classic, the company has utilized "veneered composite board" that is meticulously crafted via CNC cutters in order to produce a timepiece that showcases the "natural beauty" of the outdoors while rocking a not-so-homegrown LED display. Reportedly, the company offers these classy clocks with all sorts of fauna gracing the top, such as squirrels and swallows, just in case you've had any not-so-pleasant run-ins with deer. From what we can tell, these still aren't available en masse (any VCs in the audience?), but can be ordered individually for an undisclosed price should you so desire, and if that prized 12-pointer keeps eluding you, this would probably be a decent placeholder in your "game" room.

[Via Inhabitat]

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