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Loco Roco slammed by nine year old

Kyle Orland

Tired of all those positive reviews and previews for Loco Roco that say the game is "fresher, funnier and more satisfying than words could ever make it sound." and "guaranteed to keep you smiling too." Well, all you contrarians out there can count on a nine year old girl to tell it like it is.

San Jose Mercury News reporter (and book author) Dean Takahashi let his daughter Tanya try out the demo version of the game and give her honest opinion on the Merc's gaming blog. Tanya is none-too-kind, saying the game is best suited "
for younger kids such as five- or six-year-olds," and that the music (which an older reviewer called "joyful, atmospheric [and] poignant") is "annoying with the baby singing." The final verdict? One out of four stars. Ouch!

[Via GameSetWatch]

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