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Make a scarf-book to read on UK-departing flights

Darren Murph

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As we all know by now, getting a flight out of the UK has been a tad difficult the past few days, but new security measures have enforced a dreadful new restriction that bans books and magazines from accompanying you on your voyage. Unless you're a well-regarded dignitary or just plain lucky when passing through those checkpoints, chances are you won't have any good 'ole fashioned entertainment to keep your brain busy while cruising in the clouds -- but the oh-so-clever minds over at Boing Boing have found a perfectly legal and boldly fashionable (or not) way to circumvent the system. Dubbed the scarf-book, the book / article of clothing is crafted by printing text (your own masterpiece or other works released under a creative commons license, of course) onto iron-on transfer paper and then afixing it to a lengthy piece of cloth. Your new text-covered wardrobe accessory can then be safely worn as a scarf, headwrap, belt, or whatever else you can imagine, leaving little doubt that you mean no harm while boarding your flight. Although these heightened security precautions are likely to relax as time goes on, there are those of you with impending reservations that may go stir crazy without reading material to pass the time, and hey, there's nothing wrong with getting all wrapped up in a good book, eh?

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