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Mr. Mark Cuban wants to own the largest plasma in America -- FIRST

Matt Burns

Oh, how that Mark Cuban loves his high-def. First, he goes out an starts a premier high-def network, HDNet way back in 2001 and then has tons of HDTVs installed at his basketball team's stadium, and now, he wants one of those fancy, new 103-inch Panasonic plasma TVs. But the only thing is, he wants it before anyone else. Apparently, he has been calling the big boys at Panasonic trying to get his hands on one before they go on sale in October and before the thousands of pre-orders already in place for the $70,000 plasma. Chances are that he will get one, but the first one is set to go on sale via a charity action so Mark, why don't you pony up and buy your first one through the auction. That way, you can probably write-off the expense, plus, it you make you look chartable, but all of us around here know the truth about your love with HD. It's cool, we would do the same thing in your position.

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