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Pirate Party lights up Relakks, first commercial darknet

Ryan Block, @ryan

You know, the Pirate Party isn't really doing itself any favors by launching a commercial darknet (read: anonymized network), but then again, who are we to judge? It's not as though we're beyond temptation to kick its wheels and tempt fate with slightly dubious intent (hey, it's not our fault the Media Center didn't record 30 Days this week). The reality of the situation, however, is that the RIAA / MPAA's consistently absurd legal firing line is certainly enough to drive many "nefarious" (read: intimidated) users running for cover from legal embroilment -- hence Relakks. The network hits up its users for about $6.50 (€5) a month for service, which basically moves your data over VPN to servers in Sweden in order to cleanse its origin and proxy your traffic through a Swedish IP address. We might call it clever, but it's not much more than an encrypted proxy run by the peeps most likely to ensure your privacy, be you behaving naughty or nice online. While we suggest the latter, something tells us Relakks isn't going to get too uptight about you being the former, either.

[Thanks, Mac & Fredrik]

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