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Planning on staying in Melbourne and can't be with out your Panasonic plasma?

Matt Burns

Crown Towers in Melbourne, Australia happens to be one of the premier places to lay your head when traveling down under, but they just made our dream come true. The hotel recently installed 548 Panasonic plasma displays all throughout their establishment, including, one in every of the 482 hotel rooms. This installation then works out to be a total of 22 42-inch screens and two 50-inch screens per floor. The crown jewel though is the 65-inch commercial screen mounted in the Food Hall of the Crown Casino's shopping area. We wonder how much it cost to purchase, install and support all these screens and how it is going to affect the overall price of a room though. Ah well, you went into debt with the plasma that is hanging in your living room so why not splurge a bit for a comfy bed and a nice TV for your next holiday down under.

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