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TextExpander 1.4 released

David Chartier

SmileOnMyMac has released TextExpander 1.4, an update to their customizable typing utility that allows users to assign keywords to snippets of text, ultimately saving gobs of time in re-typing things like phrases, websites, signatures and more. New features in this indispensable tool include:

  • User-specified delimiters ("Set Delimiters..." button in Preferences tab)
  • Import comma and tab-delimited text, RTF, and RTFD files
  • Choose TextExpander or Textpander style menu bar icon in Preferences
  • Sort snippets by date created (helps when locating import groups)
  • Sort snippets by date modified (helps when tracking recent changes)
Also of note on TextExpander's new features list at VersionTracker is 'Mac OS X 10.4 required,' but I don't know if that's a new feature in this particular version or of the actual product switchover from the old Textpander.

Either way, this is a free upgrade and is available from SmileOnMyMac, as is a fully functional 30-day demo.

[UPDATE: Jean from SmileOnMyMac let us know in the comments that this new 1.4 version is, in fact, Tiger-only. The 1.3.1 version which still works on Panther (10.3.9) is still available from their site. Thanks Jean!]

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