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Blu-ray and PS3 sink (or swim) together, say analysts

Erik Hanson

TG Daily has an interview with two market analysts about Blu-ray and the Playstation 3, and how their futures are supposedly tied together. The article mentions everything from the price of gas affecting disposable income, to the costs of standalone BD players affecting PS3 pricing, to studio commitments to one format or another. Unfortunately, as Ben would likely point out, Blu-ray is not only Sony, and the Blu-ray format does not depend solely on the success of the PS3 for adoption by consumers. So while Microsoft and Xbox 360 fans can debate why their console will be better -- or cheaper, depending on the price of the HD DVD add-on -- than the PS3, and HD DVD fans can argue that the picture quality is better, Blu-ray can (and most likely, will) stand on its own, despite the outcome of the PS3... or even because of it.

There is also a picture gallery if you'd like to see snapshots of different manufacturers that have announced products for BD since CES. Once again, we have to point out that it sure is a shame that both camps can't reduce their equipment sizes, they look so last-gen in their design. We know it's because of all the PC-like components inside, but it sure will be great when they look more like current DVD players and less like 1980s VHS decks. At least the PS3 has a nice curve on one side *shrug*

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