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Classic games reimagined as art

Kyle Orland

From the 8-bit art show to E3's Into the Pixel exhbition, game-inspired art is nothing new. But while the works in these shows use the characters and scenes from popular games, they usually create a visual aesthetic all their own. Which is why it was kind of refreshing to stumble across these works by visual artist Jeremiah McNichols that go the other way -- inserting other artistic elements into familiar game scenes.

The scenes came from McNichols' experiments making desktop wallpapers out of real wallpaper sample, and the effect is pretty freaky. We especially like this Frogger piece that makes it look like our froggy hero is trying to cross an oriental rug. McNichols blog has similar examples that draw from Contra, Gauntlet, Pitfall and more.

[Via Boing Boing]

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