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Dtech's BT0032 Bluetooth 3-port USB hub

Darren Murph

While we've been bombarded with those run-of-the-mill Bluetooth dongles, and since USB hubs are honestly nothing to get excited about in and of themselves, Dtech has cleverly combined these two supposed computing essentials in the form of a single, handy device in hopes of adding some spunk to the otherwise uninspiring devices. The BT0032 looks like the typical 4-port USB hub at first glance, but there's a bit more to it than meets the eye, starting with the built-in Bluetooth. Within the pocket-sized casing is a v1.2 compliant BT module that gives any 'ole notebook or desktop the ability to hook up with the near-infinite amount of headsets, speakers, mice, and other random gadgets that support Bluetooth these days. If you're still recounting and coming up with four ports on this thing, you'd be absolutely correct, but that fourth port plays a slightly different role than the rest; three ports are of the typical USB 2.0 flavor, while the oddball acts as a power supply for things like USB fans, lights, air purifiers, etc. (all of which Dtech conveniently keeps in stock). Although the consolidation that's going on here would seemingly be the biggest boon, the $19 asking price is fairly reasonable considering the features -- so for those of you who haven't picked up these items in their separate forms over the past several years, now would be an excellent time to play catchup.

[Via Red Ferret]

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