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Electronic House Mag deems Tripp Lite's AV Digital UPS product of the year

Matt Burns

Ask any audio/videophile what the most important accessory for their gear and they will tell you their power conditioner; Electronic House Mag agrees and so, they named their product of the year Tripp Lite's AV Digital UPS HTRL15UPS. This device may look like a glorified surge protector, but we are here to tell you that they are so much more. A quality power condition can make such a noticeable difference in the audio and video quality that you will wonder why you ever ran the equipment without it. But then on the other hand, some people won't be able to tell the difference thanks to their electrical wiring. This power condition includes an uninterrupted power supply to allow your HDTV time to cool off and hopefully extend the life of that pricey lamp, plus, it can run your DVR when the power is off so you will never miss a show. For a modest $349, a person gets the UPS system, an LCD status screen, voltage regulation, and eight outlets. They deemed this the top product because they view it as "the most capable, cost-effective power protection solution available for a wide range of A/V applications."

Does anyone have this power condition? Why did you choose this one?

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