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High-def DVD sales slower than expected; HD DVD sells more units but Blu-ray makes more money


That was the topic of discussion at the fourth annual HDTV conference yesterday, unlike the movie studios and CE companies backing the two formats, they are directly seeing the negative affects of dealing with two formats and the growing pains of each. Much of the criticism was reserved for Samsung's (broken?) Blu-ray player, which due to a bad chip, bad transfers, too much compression or whatever the case may be, did not ship with movies that fulfilled the HD promise and didn't match the quality of the demos. They're also stuck attempting to sell both formats while movie studios are still reluctant to release AAA-titles on either as they figure out the technical aspects. Data from the NPD showed that over the first six weeks of each format's life, HD DVD actually sold 33% more units, although due to its higher price Blu-ray created 42% more revenue. Most agree that content is key in winning the format war, and both sides believe they will be able to get out more, faster. But for most of the regional retailers represented they'd like for some kind of resolution or stronger support to make a difference in their bottom lines.

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