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Microsoft: We don't think 1080p matters either

Matt Burns

Anre Vrignaud of Microsoft is the next person to step up and state that 1080p does not make that much of a difference and therefore doesn't matter. He might have a little more bias against 1080p then us or Home Theater Mag when you consider he is the Director of Technical Strategy for Xbox Live. 'Cause you know the Xbox doesn't do 1080p where the PS3 of course will. He does bring up the point that a lot of developers are targeting the 720p range due to the fact that both the Xbox 360 and PS3 have nearly the "same pixel-pushing capabilities." So, he is basically saying that if a developer is looking to release a game on both platforms, they are going to develop it at 720p. He is going as far to say something we already had reported that the PS3 games released this year will not be 1080i/p. Doesn't this kind of sound similar to how Andy Parsons indicated that Blu-ray is built for the future and will take sometime to get the ball rolling.

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