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Prey gets patched, new content soon


Some of you may have noticed an update last time you loaded Prey. This may or may not have been a recently announced patch from 3D Realms -- according to their site, the ETA for the patch is still "soon". Looks like ten years just wasn't enough time to test and polish all the bugs (I keed! I keed!). Seriously though, the patch should address the multiplayer lag issues on the 360 version and a few other bugs as well.

In addition to the patch, expect to see some new content soon. Included in the content will be some new maps tooled for smaller groups. These should accommodate 2-4 players (and possibly limit lag). 3D Realms will be releasing 6 new player models as well (4 female and 2 hunters). Thus far, none of this content has been priced and no release date has been given.

New content is great, fellas, but how about some more multiplayer modes?

[Via Joystiq]

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