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The HR20 has landed! In LA at least

Ben Drawbaugh

Looks like Earl Bonovich has had one for a few weeks and written a full review over at DBStalk. The review is very comprehensive and includes lots of pictures. The price is $399 which seems fair compared to other offerings, but it would be nice if you owned it at that price. If you live in LA call DirecTV and order yours, otherwise you have to wait a month or so with the rest of us.

The details include.

  • Dual SAT Tuners
  • Dual ATSC Tuners (functionality is disabled at this time)
  • Wired RJ-45 Ethernet Port
  • External SATA Connection
  • 300gb SATA Internal Hard Drive
  • RF Remote Compatible with the Included RC24, and the soon to be released RC32RF
Thanks Terry!

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