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Vizio intros two 42-inch LCD HDTVs - L42 & GV42L

Darren Murph

America's favorite warehouse-club-brand of televisions is back with two more sets that, as expected, have impressively low price points and decent specs to boot. V Incorporated has took the wraps off a new pair of Vizio 42-inch LCD HDTVs that will presumably only be available to those who can produce a membership card at the front entrance of a Sam's Club or Costco. Gaining fame for offering up somewhat comparable (albeit much less expensive) alternatives to more recognizable brands like Sony and Samsung, Vizio is dropping its GV42 -- which sports a 1,366 x 768 resolution, 1,600:1 contrast ratio, and a 8ms response time -- for a below-average $1,599.99, but only at Costco. The L42, available in Sam's Club, is remarkably similar to its slightly more advanced sibling, but had its corners cut by getting just an 800:1 contrast ratio and a $1,499.99 pricetag. Both of these units come bundled with table stands, and while details concerning the assortment of inputs are MIA, these should handle all your 1080i-and-below needs with ease. Although Vizio isn't the most glamorous name in the industry, its products have historically offered fairly good bang for the buck, and these look to be solid offerings for those who haven't quite mustered up the coin for those wallet-wrenching 1080p sets.

[Via HD Beat]

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