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Ain't nothin' like a TiVo House Party

Evan Blass

TiVo, always one to come up with clever promotions to publicize its products (remember the TiVo Ambassador, TiVo speed dating, and Father's Day at the ballpark?), has now launched a program for DVR-nuts to host their very own TiVo House Party. Obviously inspired by the Tupperware parties of yore (as well as the more modern "personal entertainment product" parties enjoyed by certain women), TiVo's version comes in two flavors: a so-called "TiVo Tasting Party" for adults and a "KidZone Party" to expose your children's friends to even more brain-rotting boob tube. Not everyone is invited to the the party, though; you have to fill out an application and get accepted into the program in order to get the go-ahead from TiVo, which earns you some nature of special programming (ads for TiVo, perhaps?), undefined "special offers," and tips on making your House Party a real rager. Since the House Party website also organizes other corporate-sponsored get-togethers, you might be able to turn the night into something of a House Party pub crawl: start out with a little TiVo action, move on to a Fear Factor shindig, and end the night kicking back with other Martha Stewart lovers at -- yes, this really exists -- a Kmart House Party. Thank you, Corporate America, for turning our social lives into a series of awkward, product-pushing cocktail gatherings.

[Via Zatz Not Funny]

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