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Automated penetration testing on the sly


Security minded Immunity corp is developing a wireless handheld device dubbed Silica, meant to help security professionals conduct mobile penetration, or pen, tests on the sly. The device is fitted with Bluetooth and WiFi and comes pre-loaded with hundreds of automated exploits to simulate a malicious attack. So instead of conspicuously setting up shop with a laptop and cantenna, the (hopefully) white hat hacker just slips the Silica into a pocket to scan every WiFi and Bluetooth device while strolling about the office, campus, or city streets. The device will then download "items of interest" from penetrated systems before connecting 'em to an external listening post -- good times! Immunity is currently beta testing Silica with hopes of launching the device for right around $3,000 in October... and then shortly thereafter on eBay. Let the warpenning begin!

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