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Hello MHD: MTV on our HDTVs today


MTV's high definition channel MHD continued its stealth launch on Comcast at least in the Detroit area, showing up on this blogger's channel listing late last night. INHD2 is but a memory, Tour de Gorge and Twilight Zone reruns, you shall be missed. 8~ hours in it's a welcome addition, many widescreen videos obviously mastered for HD including the Gorillaz Feel Good Inc. video that played during MTV-HD's original debut in January. Is this the HDTV killer app that will truly give high-def a boost along with game consoles and next gen DVDs? That remains to be seen but we can't help thinking it might be nice if the cable company actually told people it was on. We'll be able to give some more in depth impressions once this Rihanna video goes off we've had some time to let it sink in.

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