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Ladies and gents, we present the worst Top 10 ever!

Joystiq Staff

It's no secret around the Joystiq underground HQ that a certain number of us despise Top 10 lists. They are nothing more than fanboy baiting and ways for obscure and non-obscure gaming sites to pump up their traffic with super attention-whore tactics. However, when outrageous lists as the one we're about to present come across our desk, we just can't help but call them out on the pure idiocy of their claims.

May we present to you, the worst Top 10 list ever, by Kimberlee Rabenstein, famous author of "Thirty Amazing Turkey Facts":

"10 reasons why you should not buy an Xbox 360"

  1. The cost. Why anyone would pay as much as 1000 dollars for a video game system is beyond me.
  2. The release of the new Nintendo and the new Play tation. Why buy a system when two other new ones are coming out and you could want one of those ones?
  3. The system is designed to maximize HD qualities and if you don't have an HD television it's not much different than the previous Xbox.
  4. Microsoft's prying eyes are everywhere. When you use the internet connection to do any of the thousands of useless things offered on the Xbox 360 live it tracks your stats, achievements, what you're playing, how long you're playing it, with whom you're playing, if you're buying or renting games, even what time you started playing it.
  5. The DVD player the Xbox 360 boasts doesn't really boast anything except mediocre-ness. It doesn't compare to the video game graphics; you're better off with your current model of DVD player.
  6. The Xbox 360 overheats easily. The amount of heat the Xbox 360 outputs is astonishing. The fans are noisy and obviously can't handle the demand of the system.
  7. The game titles are very limited compared to other systems. Unless you like fighting, sports, or racing, there isn't much out there for you.
  8. In order to get all the features you have to spend more money on a hard drive or buy the more expensive version of the Xbox 360. Most people are confused with the multiple packages for sale and who wouldn't be?
  9. The power brick is larger than an Xbox game package and not that much smaller than the console itself. It is gigantic and weighs in at a hefty 6 pounds. ... that's 6 pounds plus gravity pulling on the back of your system.
  10. Customer support is a joke.
Kimberlee 1, Logic 0. Kimmy dear, do us all a favor and take care of your children and leave the video game opinions to the professionals. Run along now and put behind you this dream of becoming a respectable writer.

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