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Xsan filesystem and Admin updated to 1.4

Scott McNulty

I think someone at Apple declared today 'Update Day.' First it was the MacBooks, then Logic, and now Xsan is getting some updating love. The Xsan Filesystem was updated to 1.4 which includes fixes for:

  • using file system access control lists (ACLs)
  • labeling and initializing LUNs greater than 2TB in size
  • AFP and NFS performance when re-sharing Xsan volumes
  • handling file system quotas and notifications
  • compatibility with Apple and third party applications
The Xsan Admin tool as also been updated to 1.4 with fixes including:
  • labeling and initializing Fibre Channel LUNs larger than 2TB in size
  • expanding storage pools and volumes
  • working with multiple Xsan metadata controllers in a heterogeneous environment
  • displaying progress messages while performing lengthy operations
  • preventing custom configuration changes from being overwritten during a save
  • accurately reporting Fibre Channel multipathing errors
The Xsan uninstaller was also updated, just in case you are sick and tired of Xsan and want to be done with it.

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