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360 gets a retro arcade stick


Ludwig over at Joystiq passed this little gem onto us today. Looks like the 360 will be getting an arcade stick after all, courtesy of Mad Catz. While it's obvious that the stick should be perfect for old school favorites like Galaga, certain elements are rather curious. First of all, the controller has both a joystick and a D-pad, suggesting that the stick is in fact analogue. Also, the triggers and shoulder buttons don't appear to be on the face of the controller at all. As such, hopeful Street Fighter purists may still be left without a suitable control.

The original item on EB Games has since been yanked from the internet, but we managed to snag a shot of the page, which lists the controller for $69.99 (ouch) with a release date of October 1st. That's a pretty hefty price for a decent game of Pac-Man.

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