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BeCell's VSG160G vibrating headphones


While we're still not sold on the whole idea of vibrating headphones, it seems that BeCell certainly is, partnering with Tylenol to release its VSG160G head-shaking 'phones. Just kidding about the Tylenol part, obviously, although you may want to stock up if you're planning on using these suckers for the full twelve hours the company promises they'll last. Unlike some other similar headphones, BeCell's set simply uses some heavy bass to rock your noggin' instead of built-in motors and, thankfully, include a vibration control setting on the cord for when things get a little too intense. Unfortunately, it looks like we're gonna have to wait a bit longer to find out how much these'll cost or when they'll be available; in the meantime, we suggest hitting your head against a wall to warm up.

[Via CrunchGear]

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