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Bob Marley cries tears of pain in heaven

Joystiq Staff

Gaming blog Wonderland received word and that a Bob Marley game is in the works and will soon be ready to blaze up your cell phone. We only wish that Marley were here to see the crushing blow that has been done to his image by way of a cheesy cell phone game. Here are all the joys you'll get with the cringe-inducing title Bob Marley Burnin':

Hey Mon! Enjoy the tropics as you play as Bob Marley in some fun mini games. This game celebrates Marley's passions, from island life, soccer, and of course, music - Reggae style! Juggle the ball in the air like a pro, and rack up combo points for hitting special power-ups. See how far you can kick a ball while timing the bounce to Marley music. It's simple yet addictive fun, all set to your favorite Marley tunes including "One Love", "Stir It Up", and "Could You Be Loved". This game is the ultimate tropical experience!

Reading that description makes us curl up and shake like Mr. Burns so often does on The Simpsons. Something like this just should not be done to such a beloved man of music. For shame you nefarious profit seekers!

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