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KAZooK is yet another mini-game compilation


Really? How many games do we need that feature quirky art styles and short mini-games. Sure, you can fight zombies, wrestle sumo-style and pilot a UFO, but with WTF and HOT PXL both coming out for the handheld, isn't this genre already a bit too crowded? The game features 30 mini-games, which seems to pale in comparison to HOT PXL's hundreds. It also features 16 characters and wi-fi multiplayer. It also featured Game Sharing, but don't get too excited: you can only play 5 of the games through this feature.

Don't you agree that maybe KAZooK will be too little, too late? Especially when HOT PXL features downloadable levels to extend its life. Check out for more pics.

[Thanks, steve!]

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